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soundON 2016, artwork by
Espejo, by Omar Rojas Camarena, used by permission

The 2016 soundON Festival of Modern Music: APOCALYPSE AND TRANSFIGURATION

January 7-10, 2016

The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library
1008 Wall St, La Jolla, CA

Replete with evocative and powerful imagery, classic Jewish and Christian apocalypses (the most well-known being the first century Apocalypse of John or Book of Revelation) portray an imminent end of history, and are characterized by descriptions of a supernatural world and the fate of the dead. Yet many were written to comfort and encourage a people in crisis, and thus in a sense are documents of hope, pointing to an ultimate transfiguration of existence.

An apocalyptic music is one that entertains a terminal state of affairs, be that in connection with ideas, society, the planet, the person —whatever is of greatest importance to the mind shaping the musical artifice. This terminal state can be brought about by transcendent or divine intervention. Post-Enlightenment thinking, however, favors the notion of it being brought about by immanent forces. Nevertheless, it is a music about fall, destruction, and sometimes, the hope of the establishment of a new order, a new harmony.

soundON is underwritten by generous donations from Garna Muller and Ann Craig


Lisa Cella, flute
Colin McAllister, guitar and conductor
Mark Menzies, violin
Franklin Cox, cello
Robert Zelickman, clarinet
Christopher Adler, piano

Glen Whitehead, trumpet and electronics
Eric Simonson, piano and conductor
Ariana Warren, clarinet
Sean Dowgray, percussion
Fiona Digney, percussion
Matthew Kline, bass
Stephanie Aston, soprano
Derek Keller, guitar
Pablo Gómez, guitar
Jorge Lopez Ramos, guitar

Apocalypse: a genre of revelatory literature with a narrative framework, in which a revelation is mediated by an otherworldly being to a human recipient, disclosing a transcendent reality which is both temporal, insofar as it envisages eschatological salvation, and spatial insofar as it involves another supernatural world. (John J. Collins. Apocalypse: The Morphology of a Genre)

Thursday, January 7th—6:30pm
Pre-concert lecture: The Notion of an Apocalyptic Music

Thursday, January 7th—7:30pm
Apocalypse, part I
Eric Simonson – Vision 4 for piano
Galina Ustvolskaya – Sonata #5 for piano
Franklin Cox – Etude no. 8 for cello  *world premiere
Josh Levine – Les yeux ouverts for percussion
Daniele Venturi – Arlia
Salvatore Sciarrino – L'Addio a Trachis II, arr. Maurizio Pisati
Glen Whitehead – Mysticeti

January 8-9: Times and locations TBA
Educational workshops - TBA

January 9—12pm
Performance Workshop Concert

Saturday, January 9th—7:30pm
Apocalypse, part II
Claude Vivier – Et je reverrai cette ville étrange
Beat Furrer – Fragmentos de un Libro Futuro  *U.S. Premiere
Eric Simonson – And the Name of the Star was Wormwood  *world premiere
Rune Glerup – Dust Encapsulated 2
Philippe Manoury – Xanadu

Transfiguration: an alteration of figure or appearance, a change in outward appearance, a transformation. (In allusion to the transfiguration of Christ), an elevation, glorification, idealization, spiritualization. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Sunday, January 10th—2pm
Matthew Burtner – Ecoacoustic Concerto (Eagle Rock)
Michael Finnissy – Banumbirr
Michael Finnissy – Two Motets
Glen Whitehead – Cinco Episodios del Día
Franklin Cox – Etude 1a: Proteus (for piano)  *world premiere
Mic Spencer – Verdrängung von der Aufhebung


All-festival passes: $70 general / $55 Athenaeum members, seniors / $25 students
Individual concerts: $25 general / $20 Athenaeum members, seniors / $10 students


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